Eko nugroho - duo petualang berbulu - 300 x 600 cm - hardboard, embroidery installation - 2010

Closing the Gap: Contemporary Indonesian Art

January 20 – March 25, 2011

MiFA presents Australia’s first commercial showcase of contemporary Indonesian art, Closing the Gap: Contemporary Indonesian Art. The exhibition will run from January 20 until March 25 2011.

Australia’s precarious position as a Western nation in an Asian location brings an interesting dimension to this exhibition with many of the artists discussing global issues in an Asian context. Bringing together some of Indonesia’s most compelling established and emerging contemporary artists, the exhibition aims to “close the gap” on the cultural divide between Australia and it’s closest neighbour.

A fully illustrated hardback catalogue will accompany the exhibition along with a public and educational program series.

Artists: Angki Purbandono, Ay Tjoe Christine, Budi Ubrux, Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso, F.X. Harsono, Gusti Agung Mangu Putra, Haris Purnomo, I Gusti Ngurah Udiantara, Jompet Kuswidananto, Maria Indria Sari, Prilla Tania, Soni Irawan, Samsul Arifin, Sigit Santoso, Tromarama, Ugo Untoro, Ugy Sugiarto, Yudi Sulistyo.

In conjunction with this exhibition MiFA is fundraising to help support Salam School in Jogjakarta. The majority of the artists in the exhibition are from Jogjakarta which is nestled next to the ever threatening Mt Merapi. The school is run by volunteers on limited resources and it is MiFA’s aim to be able to improve their quality of educational resources. Please check back for ways that you can help.

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The artists are generously supported by Garuda.


An education pack accompanies this exhibition:

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